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Thyra Travels: Singapore 2019: Everyone Dresses Nicer Than Me

I was only in Singapore for a short time but had a really great visit. I decided to stay in a fairly new hostel (and cheap….key word here is cheap) a few stations north of Chinatown. I spent my days eating and wandering around, looking at all of the beautiful architecture and greenery Singapore has to offer.

Singapore at night.

I did two things that I would really recommend, plus they cost no money. The first is to go see the light and music show at Gardens by the Bay. It gets quite packed, but for good reason! I laid on the ground and watched the 15 minute light show, entranced and peaceful although I was surrounded by hoards of tourists. The second thing I did was go to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Museum in Chinatown. This is a temple founded to house the tooth relic of the great Buddha. The temple/museum has several levels and gives a great overview of Buddhism and has gorgeous art. Highly recommend.

Supertree Grove.
Tooth Relic Temple.

Being in Singapore really reminded me of the States. I had a stand-off with a car on my first day since they waited for me to cross and I was so not used to that. Reverse culture shock! I thought the transit system and food were great but literally everyone was all dressed up and in suits. Very corporate-y atmosphere. I was a little out of place in my flips and baseball cap…

Sorry about being so behind on the blogs!


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