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How to Cross the Border Between Singapore and Malaysia by Land

In order to get to Singapore for my flight to Jakarta, I decided to take my favorite mode of transport: the affordable and comfy bus. There is also a train that does this route but it is 1) more expensive and 2) leaves you at the border instead of downtown Singapore. I chose the bus over flying for two more reasons: 1) you don’t have to worry about liquids or weight and 2) you leave from downtown KL and arrive in downtown SG. This is saving me about 20 bucks because of how expensive the trains to the airports are. I was sad to be leaving KL as it was my favorite big city so far but am excited to experience Singapore. Singapore is definitely the most expensive place I have been so far in Southeast Asia. Bottled water is just as expensive, if not more, than the states. Budget in jeopardy! Luckily I am only here a few days and just want to walk around and eat – not go to universal studios.

The bus was definitely the right choice – SO luxurious and comfy, free coffee and lunch. It only took just under six hours and even had ipads at the seats to watch programs. Hello! I always spend bus trips just listening to music, which I can do for days on end. One thing I am good at by this point of my trip: chilling on buses for a long time. My journey to catching the bus was pretty strange.

Look at all that space!

I was running late (what else is new) but only had enough ringgit for a grab share (problem 1). I decided to take my chances but holy crap it turned out bad. The driver went in the opposite direction for another passenger even after we were already five minutes in the car. We arrived to pick up the person but then they cancelled. I almost peed myself.

Next, there was so much traffic (problem 2) and I’m an idiot who didn’t think ahead that 8:30 am might be a popular time. Thennnn (problem 3) the grab driver kept taking different routes he thought would be better and not trusting the Google maps traffic. Adding on tons of additional time. On top of all this, he kept talking to me about Jesus and how he will save me. Great sir, can Jesus help me not miss my bus right now? Quite literally 8:59 we arrive, I see the bus, I run out, saying hail Satan as I sprint from the cab. Not a minute after I arrive does the bus depart. Thank you baby Jesus!

Once I was safely on the bus the trip was very straightforward. We drove for a few hours until Malay immigration and then hopped off the bus with just our passports, got a stamp, and then across the bridge. There were LONG lines going into Singapore but luckily as a bus we had a separate lane. This time, we had to take all of our things with us. Luckily my stuff is small. Zero line to get my passport stamped yet again and then we drove a short distance to downtown. Singapore is not a big country and I really noticed a few things upon entering the country. First, it looks exactly like southern California but more artful landscaping. Second, the architecture is just as amazing as they say! I mean, DANG, how much do they pay their landscape architects. It is quite beautiful, they really tried to make the city less harsh with an abundance of flowers and plants. Looking forward to walking around!

Huge immigration line of trucks.


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