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Thyra Travels: Hanging in Hong Kong 2019

Lazied through Hong Kong before jetting off to Turkey. I decided to go to Hong Kong first because 1) I have never been 2) International flights are cheaper from there than Manila and 3) why not?! I packed up my things, spent TWO hours in Manila traffic (20 km distance), and was on my way. I arrived in HK around dinner and took the airport bus to my hostel. I had chosen a hostel that was cheap cheap with a kitchen, since NONE of the hostels provided breakfast unless I spent a ton of money. Luckily the hostel turned out great! Nice vibe – even if my hips hurt each morning because the beds were so thin.

View a few hours prior to the photo above!

I spent my few days in the country doing a lot of eating, walking, and planning. Walking tours, hikes, and prolonged stays at dim sum restaurants were the way to go in this metropolitan city. It was pouring there every day which was a bit of a bummer but I still had fun none the less. I met fellow Americans on a historical walking tour and we hiked to a mountain peak the next morning. HK is cool because there are so many urban hiking opportunities within the city, super accessible from public transportation.

Foliage on the hike.
First hilarious foto.
Second hilarious foto. Peak of mountain.

Beyond walking around, the food here is famous and for good reason. A little more expensive than I am used to – yet still cheaper than the states – I ate like a queen every day. I also spent a full day here getting myself organized. I had access to a computer for the first time in who knows how long and I wrote blogs, did budgets, and googled about Eastern Europe (what am I getting myself into?). I liked the city but was ready to leave after a few days. There is good food waiting for me elsewhere…

Walking tour crew.



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