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South Korea 2018 Solo Traveler Budget

Korea! I don’t think I have ever spent this much money on food in my life. Luckily for me, I was getting free accommodation most of the time. In Seoul I taught English in exchange for a bed. Included in this deal I was also able to eat rice, ramen, and kimchi for free! I “saved” a ton of money being in Seoul, which is great because I went over budget in Japan. I could have gone to the extreme to be cheap in Korea but I splurged many times on food and also sweaters because I am weak.

What I wore when it was like 65 degrees and I was still cold.

My big purchases during my time in Korea were:

  • Tour on Jeju Island
  • Italian pizza in Seoul
  • Domestic flights and hotels
  • SIM card

I spent a total of $1184.15 in approximately seven weeks, on average $23.22 a day. Pretty good considering I bought two flights and a fancy tour! Here is exactly what I spent my money on:

Restaurants: $401.48
Housing: $110.34
Groceries: $90.12
Entertainment:  $95.17
Flights: $82.67
Transit: $64.1
Clothing: $46.03
Internet: $57.85
Alcohol: $44.98
Shopping: $38.45
Health: $27.89
Skincare: $28.18
Gifts: $19.42
Bills: $18.8
Water: $7.57
Clubs: $2.66

I spent a bit on health this month, got deathly ill my last week in Seoul and had to cave and buy medicine!

Hearts for keeping a good budget and being fiscally responsible ♥️


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