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Catalonia 2019 Solo Traveler Budget

I am really fortunate because when I visit Catalonia I have somewhere to stay! This makes my housing and foot costs super cheap. This November, I spent half of the time staying with Aida and her family, my second time living with them that fall. I got to eat all of the best Catalan food again and cement my place as adopted daughter. The second half of the week I stayed with my friend Andrea, who I hadn’t seen since we parted ways in Myanmar. It was so exciting to see her after so much time and we spent most of our time together just chatting and catching up.

My total spent during my week in Catalonia was $118.34 at an average of $19.72 a day.

Exact Numbers

  • Clothing: $55.30
  • Restaurants: $32.18
  • Transit: $24.08
  • Snacks: $6.78

I was so sad to leave Barcelona, especially because two of my closest friends live there. Besides that, I was heading to Chicago, where snow was forecasted on the day I arrived. Winter is coming.

xoxo, T

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