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Montenegro 2019 Solo Traveler Budget

I loved Montenegro. I met really cool people, the locals were amazing….and I ate the same sandwich every meal for five days straight. Holy crap, housing is expensive. It is like twenty bucks a night – that is my daily goal for EVERYTHING. Lord. Because of this, I sped my way to Bosnia as fast as I could.


The total for my stay in Montenegro is $84.91 with an average of $28.30 per day.

Big purchases:

– Housing.

Exact numbers:

Housing: $45.22
Transit: $17.72
Grocery: $9.35
Snacks: $6.20
Restaurant: $5.07
Water: $1.35

Pray for me. The July budget is already looking scary high. Plus I need health insurance.

Hilarious tattoo from a hostel guest. If you have been to Asia you will understand.


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