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Macedonia 2019 Solo Traveler Budget

While in Macedonia I stayed with friends of my Aunt Lynn. Thus began a week of gluttony and excess. I was staying with a grandma and grandpa, who gave me my own private room close to the mountain in Skopje. I was so grateful and I spent virtually nothing. All meals were cooked for me and I was given tours of the city by local college students, who included me in their nighttime plans and generously refused any money I tried to offer for taxis.

Me realizing I took three pictures during my whole week in Macedonia.

The total for my stay in Macedonia is $41.82 with an average of $6.97 per day.

Big purchases:

– Bus ticket.
– Alcohol.

Exact numbers:

Transit: $22.69
Alcohol: $11.02
Cafe: $3.87
Restaurants: $3.69
Snacks: $0.55

Happy on a hike and excited for Kosovo!

I was sad to leave Macedonia, especially my luxury living situation with wine every day at lunch. But, I needed to become independent again. I am also determined to see more of the Balkans before visiting my friend in Barcelona in August. Here we go!



  • Andrea Lindberg

    Your experience is making me understand the importance of contacts! Who knew Lynn knew a lovely couple in Macedonia?! Love it!

  • Lynn Wysocki-Smith

    it’s a small world, eh? And, if she goes to Vienna, I know a bunch of folks there who would enjoy having her stay. If she travels to Luxembourg, I bet George still has family there she could stay with.

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