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Thailand: Must Try Foods you Need to Know

I have been taking a long break from any sort of responsibility in Laos but I am back writing now that I will be traveling to Myanmar soon. Because I was volunteering and living in a local community in Thailand, I was introduced to a lot of delicious thai cuisine!

Papaya Salad:

Papaya salad is a classic in SE Asia. I had a delicious spin on the dish when I took myself out for a fancy solo dinner – fried papaya salad. Wow, it was so good! It came with this heavenly spicy peanut sauce that was good on everything I ordered.

Papaya salad in Chiang Mai.

Khao Soi:

Khao Soi is a dish served throughout northern Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. With a curry soup base, it also contains egg noodles, coconut milk, and lime. The best Khao Soi I had during the month was in the muslim district of Chiang Mai. I had one and then ordered another because I have ~no self control~.

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai.

Noodles from the stand next to 7/11:

Hello…it is me you are looking for……When I was volunteering I quickly discovered a favorite food spot. The little noodle stand next to the biggest shop in town, 7/11. No menu besides me showing pictures of food I had already eaten and lots of pointing, this place stole my heart and stomach. I probably came here over a dozen times, turning heads from the locals who were shocked I knew how to order the best noodles, not just Tom Yum (pictured below). I still do not know the name of these noodles but they were amazing.

Nameless soup in Chiang Dao.

Yentafo Soup:

Yentafo is a hilarious dish, bright pink and flavorful. The color is said to come from fermented soybean paste. A defining feature of this dish is also the pig blood curd – not for the faint hearted or picky “mouth-feelers”.

Yentafo in Chiang Dao.

Tom Yum Soup:

Classic. Tom Yum is a hot and sour soup commonly cooked with lemongrass, chili, and galangal. You can get this at almost every noodle shop you come across.

Tom Yum in Chiang Dao.

Bangkok luxury mall food courts:

Hot tip: when you go to Bangkok, go eat in the mall food courts. I know, I know, and trust me, I originally thought the same thing until my friends Jack and Cathy brought me to the dark side. This stuff is seriously delicious and well-priced.

Huge spread off the SkyTrain line in Bangkok.

Thai Iced Milk Tea:

I had to have a self intervention with myself to stop buying these because they were not cheap and not good for my tummy. Super satisfying and recommended for anyone who has hopped on those boba tea trends.

Thai milk tea in Chiang Dao.

Floating market fish in Bangkok:

A memorable meal is sharing this fish with fellow travelers at a market on the outskirts on Bangkok. It was so juicy and fragrant!

Grilled fish in Bangkok.

Bamboo Sticky Rice:

This was my crack when I was volunteering as I had it almost every day and we had it when we were camping since it is so easy to transport. We used to go to this extremely popular roadside shop to buy it. Basically, in hollow bamboo, sticky rice, beans, and coconut are mixed together and held in by coconut husk. This is then cooked over a fire and the bamboo is shaved down after for easy eating (think peeling the bamboo like a banana). The result: a delicious and filling snack/meal!

Bamboo sticky rice in Chiang Dao.

I was in Thailand over the holidays and the family at the hostel I was volunteering at kept me extremely well fed. I am still recovering from the holiday weight I surely gained living there. Especially since I became broken and was on a hiking break. On to the next kilo!


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