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Malaysia: Must Try Food you Need to Know

I’m sorry to my vegetarian friends, but I didn’t realize how much I missed meat. There is a savory-ness that is hard to match with veggie soup. Most of my meals in Malaysia were meat-centric and I had so many amazing meals that I enjoyed SO much.

Nasi Lemak:

A famous dish in Malaysia that I had on my first day. This is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. I have no pictures because my phone died – I got lost and wandered into a neighborhood in the north of KL and was hungry. I stopped at a place and was led through the station to choose what I wanted in my nasi lemak. I was given the best spot in front of a fan and every employee was starting at me (the usual). It was hilarious. When I left, I thanked the manager and then turned to the ten people looking at me and waved to them too. They were embarrassed.


There were strangely a ton of indian places in the Cameron Highlands so I eat indian every night! Cheap and flavorful. I have been eating so much indian, its cheap here in Asia. In the USA, its like 6 bucks a curry – NO rice included.

Indian curry: Cameron Highlands.


Missing a photo but I had a favorite spot in Chinatown where I transitioned between two different kinds of noodle dishes. The first was the cheapest, the below beef noodles, which were amazing and fresh. Another, arguably better, dish was curry noodles from the same place. Imagine a turmeric centric dish – amazing.

Beef noodles: Chinatown, KL.


As I said earlier, I ate a lot of meat. My first meal in Malaysia was at this famous Chinese restaurant. I had chicken chop with potatoes and had a spiritual experience eating it. I ate a lot of juicy, tender chicken during my two weeks in the country. One of the most memorable experiences I had in KL was when we met some locals and went for a huge feast with other travelers. They ordered like 15 dishes for us all to share, ranging from seafood, meat, and veggies. It was amazing – and I had like twenty cups of tea to go along with it. Get on the tea with food trend!

Chicken chop with potato: KL.
BBQ chicken with rice: KL.
Feast: KL.


I did, especially towards the end, start to feel like I was eating a little too much grease. I had some veggie soups sometimes for dinner.

Veggie soup: KL.
Black bean soup: KL.

I wish I was in Malaysia for longer because I missed so many good eats. Just another reason to go back.


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