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Malaysia 2019 Solo Traveler Budget

I had some weird, not normal purchases in Malaysia. First, I ran out of everything – lotion, sunscreen, conditioner, toothpaste. Ya girl has gotta not stink. Second, I went to a doctor to get some serious antibiotics to make this sore throat finally go away. Also – Malaysia wasn’t as cheap as other countries. Simple things like housing, bus trips, etc. all were a few dollars more expensive.

The total for my two weeks (less time than normal because I am meeting my brother in Jakarta!) in Malaysia is $334.29 with an average of $27.86 per day.

Big purchases:

  • Clinic visit and antibiotics.
  • Toiletries.
  • Bus journeys.

Exact numbers:

Housing: $79.19
Restaurants: $74.45
Transit: $61.28
Shopping: $38.87
Health: $34.13
Entertainment: $12.90
Internet: $8.52
Transportation (taxi): $7.78
Cafe: $3.90
Bills: $2.45
Snacks: $2.04
Water: $0.73

T-minus two days before meeting up with the broseph~~

A sight I will often see in the next two weeks.


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