Andrea and Thyra at the Bean in Chicago.
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Home for Thanksgiving

USA USA USA! As I stood waiting in the snow for the airport bus that would take me home, I started to question my decision-making skills. Why did I decide to come back to the Midwest in November? Seeing snow for the first time in almost two years was thrilling but it was hard to enjoy the experience with numb hands. At least I had my lovely bus companions to pass the time. I had forgotten two essential things about the states: public transit sucks and Americans love to small talk. The next half hour was spent grumbling about perpetually late buses (Or disappearing ones! Many times in high school the bus just… never came.) and chatting with my fellow passengers. After so much time abroad I have heard a lot of hate about Americans, with our less than stellar reputation, but I will say we are friendly and talkative compared to a lot of other nationalities! Thirty minutes and thirty dollars later we were headed on our way to Madison. I can not believe I complained about the subway prices in Vienna after seeing the costs in the United States!

I was home for over a month, during which I spent most of my time watching movies, having staring contests with my dog, and experiencing anxiety about the future. I had been nervous about going home for months because I knew it would make me feel nervous about not having a job, living an unstable life, and fielding questions from everybody. Give a girl some peace, I’m happy! The snow only seemed to welcome me on my first few days and then decided “She has had enough, let’s just give her extreme cold with no precipitation”. I stood outside and cursed the skies daily.

Thanksgiving was fun to be home for and I definitely ate my weight to make up for missing last year. Cue the annual tradition of a shot of gravy! Shockingly, I have defended the States from people saying we are all fat and unhealthy. But, c’mon, this is a holiday! I associate Thanksgiving as being a nostalgic food holiday; the food is really not that amazing but it is comforting. The history of the holiday is not good and there is a lot of misinformation. Read this great article to learn more about the real story. At this point, it is more of a tradition than celebrating the past, but we should be conscious of what actually happened and the reasons why there are different interpretations.

Before flying out to South America, I spent a few days wandering around Chicago with my mom. We ate tons of food, sat in insane traffic, and saw the best live Blue’s show. I would really recommend checking out the artist, Nora Jean Bruso.

Rosa's Blues club in Chicago, IL.
Rosa’s Blues club in Chicago

Being home was nice as I was able to see my family and all of my friends. I caught up with all the drama and gossip of daily life and got too comfortable with the idea of returning. I even started daydreaming about getting an apartment with my best friend. It is crazy how within a month you can get sucked back into the daily drama and I am glad I had my ticket out of the country so I didn’t get stuck again.

xoxo, T

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