• Painting at the Dali Museum in Catalonia.
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    August 2019 Budget

    August was an expensive month, how I miss the $500 months in Asia! This month, I had to buy flights and renew my health insurance. Western Europe is, in general, more expensive. Ten dollars for a small pizza? That was my housing for a week in Vietnam. September is already shaping up to be a lot cheaper. Portugal is about…

  • Michelin Star meal in Taipei, Taiwan.
    Money,  Monthly Budgets

    August 2018 Budget

    August is done and it is the first monthly budget while I am on my trip. I ended up spending drastically different than what I thought and revised the numbers for my September budget. Now that I am actually “on the road”, I know what I realistically will spend. Prescription Medication  My insurance covered 3 months and I had to…