Famous bridge in Prague.
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Prague 2019

I spent a weekend in Prague with my friend Vikki, a girl from Kyrgyzstan I lived with in South Korea. She went to college in Prague and is now working for Amazon in the city. Coming from Poland, she picked me up at the bus station (I was two hours late!) and took me to her gorgeous apartment not far from downtown. That night she made me homemade gimbap and we caught up after not seeing each other for over a year. What then ensued was a wonderful, sunny weekend. I was only there a few days so we packed in a lot!

Not a selfie for once!

The first day I was there she gave me a personalized tour of the city and we walked all over, seeing all the sights. We drank a lot of beer and saw a lot of viewpoints. Quite literally, we saw everything on her ‘can’t miss list’ in one day. Vikki took a Prague architecture class in college so she was a perfect tour guide because she knew so many little factoids about the city. That night we made dinner and went to the bars for more beer! If you didn’t know, Czechia is famous for its beer. We ended up having some mixed drinks as well, explaining my alcohol budget for the weekend.

Prague castle.

On Sunday, we relaxed and chatted for much of the day, catching up on each other’s lives after so much time apart. It was so nice to see her again! We toured through some of the lesser tourist areas and drank more beer. It was a fabulous weekend!

Scenic Prague.

My total spent during my weekend in Czechia was $74.31 at an average of $24.77 a day.

Exact Numbers

  • Transit: $36.36
  • Alcohol: $25.05
  • Restaurants: $7.70
  • Grocery: $4.60

It was so hard to leave after having such a good time. Originally I had planned to continue to Salzburg, Austria but after a weather report of subzero temperatures and rainy slush… I booked a bus to Budapest!

Prague at dusk.

xoxo, T

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