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Bulgaria 2019 Solo Traveler Budget

After Turkey, I was nervous about expenses for the month. I decided to volunteer in Sofia for the rest of June to reduce the budget.

Latin dancing with friends I made in Sofia.

The total for my stay in Bulgaria is $210.44 with an average of $13.15 per day.

Big purchases:

– Hike to the Rila Mountains.
– Groceries.
– Bus ticket to the Black Sea.

Exact numbers:

Entertainment: $48.75
Grocery: $33.22
Transit: $31.09
Bills: $29.55
Restaurants: $15.55
Alcohol: $13.64
Shopping: $10.45
Health: $7.12
Internet: $5.79
Gifts: $4.28
Snacks: $2.23
Water: $0.75

Cooking my own food and limiting alcohol consumption really helped me in Bulgaria! When we traveled to the Black Sea we did CouchSurfing for free accommodation and made sandwiches for meals. Europe is bringing out the deepest budget traveler in me!

Dinner and karaoke with our CouchSurfing host.



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