• Thyra on Rila Mountain near Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Money,  Monthly Budgets

    June 2019 Budget

    I spent the first half of June in Turkey and the second living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Istanbul was expensive (first destination after Asia) and I decided to look for volunteering opportunities. I heard back from a hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria, and decided to follow what the world was telling me to do. Basics: Food, Transit, Housing Sometimes nothing spectacularly expensive…

  • Pink flowers.
    Money,  Monthly Budgets

    June 2018 Budget

    From my experience working in ‘Corporate America’, personal finance is often a secretive and elusive subject. I aim to remove the taboo of talking about money by publishing monthly budgets, being completely transparent with my spending. June 2018 was an expensive month, because I started to do some purchasing for my around the world trip. Contrarily, I was staying in…